Bridging The Gap

I wanted to take the time to give a look to The Bridging The Gap program and everyone involved in it.This workshop not only gives shouts out to our culture but it also gives it up for our community.

Recently in the city of Flint,MI we have been faced with hardships and brutality,not at the hands of police or other law officials but at the hands of ourselves…to put it plain,our city is dying,in the most literal sense and that in itself is criminal.

So I hope to see you there,I hope to rise with you and I hope we can all heal in eachothers arms.Remember you dont have to give the most as long as you give yourself,sometimes thats all you need to give.Peep the flyer for more details…Im gone.


All Hail Bruno

Going on with the trend of giving yall dope shit to listen to,wear and watch I thought I should also probably share my “like” of Bruno Mars.If your anything like me then you thought his biggest claim to fame was featuring on B.O.B’s Beautiful Girl..just like me,it turns out that your wrong.With the new songs “Just The Way You Are” and “Fuck You” (Performed by Ceelo but writting by Mars) climbing charts,I think dude is actually a viable artist.Take a listen.

Unreleased – Alumni – Champagne Reign

why would this b unreleased?  Who knows.  Its hot though, click the pic and peep game.

When Legends Fall…

“We’re very astonished, to say the least, that not one team has contacted us with any interest,” Says Iversons agent. “I just don’t understand it….

To see a legend,the likes of Allen Iverson talk about going to play in China is crazy,what does it say about us and how we treat our people?I guess we all seen it coming…the link between millions of dollars,hip-hop and the NBA…maybe it was all too much for David Stern to swallow.Or maybe “The Answer” did it to himself,refusing to practice or ride the bench behind a lower caliber player.I say it all started when they refused to let Iverson run with Team USA to win the gold medal…

Then again,thats just my opinion…you form yours.

Elevator Music…

Because good music is so hard to find,so far and in between these days,I have to give nods to my personal favorites,both below and above the radar.And to Quiet Storms “Elevator Music” I dedicate this ode.Add the fact that she is a part of the Essence/Eagle Ave. umberella,she’s so nice she can practically walk on water.

Fatherless World…

A new track from Glory (1 half of thee Alumni) Fatherless World.Instrospect and honesty at its best…along with a little shameless self promotion,download the collective work Portrait Of A Haiku soon.

Ya Boy Fellowhood here, wit the exclusive first single off the Glory Days album

  Click that for me.  EAGLE AVE HO!!