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A Living Legend…His Forgotten Legacy…

Alright, the other day I was having this conversation with somebody about music and I was telling them how Ja Rule made this new song that I thought was dope… Continue reading



Naming your freshman mixtape The Defining Moments Package says a lot…it speaks volumes becasue not only is it your first creative offering to the world but it by name defines you…you as an artist,a person and a creative  entity.To put it short,with this 16 track opus,Nug defined his moment perfectly.

Download The Defining Moments Package


N.Y OIL-They Should All Get Lynched

I remember back in my myspace days when I had put so many of my friends up on this song…I was just thinking back on the song and went in search to catch a glimpse of the video…this shit is still potent.Too bad the rappers with a message refuse to become popular.

Big Remo

This dude Big Remo is sorta dope,brings me back to an old time…he got that soulful grit like he from the early 2000’s.Nice subject matter with a everyday average hood nigga appeal.I miss that,he has that.


In case you havent noticed,us people over here in the Eagle Ave. camp is trying to give you some of the dopest music and this one just so happens to come from me.Directed by the Aves own Fellowhood,check out these new visuals for my new song Dreams…

Victory Lap…

This my boy Ra…Ra Sun to be exact and this song Victory Lap is the first single off of his ill cd “Not Without Doubts”.Its due out this November and from hearing the verocity of his voice you can tell its gone be crazy,check it out.

Bridging The Gap

I wanted to take the time to give a look to The Bridging The Gap program and everyone involved in it.This workshop not only gives shouts out to our culture but it also gives it up for our community.

Recently in the city of Flint,MI we have been faced with hardships and brutality,not at the hands of police or other law officials but at the hands of ourselves…to put it plain,our city is dying,in the most literal sense and that in itself is criminal.

So I hope to see you there,I hope to rise with you and I hope we can all heal in eachothers arms.Remember you dont have to give the most as long as you give yourself,sometimes thats all you need to give.Peep the flyer for more details…Im gone.