A Living Legend…His Forgotten Legacy…

Alright, the other day I was having this conversation with somebody about music and I was telling them how Ja Rule made this new song that I thought was dope…

And at the very least if this song was made by a some what popular artist of today, (I mean New Kids or even Yung LA) this song would be a hit…alright, at the very least a ringtone hit, lol.Now I could live with this person telling me simply, “I don’t like this song”, but no, what did they do, they told me Ja Rule is wack (Currently I can live with this statement),was always wack (Anybody remember Venni Vetti Vecci and Rule 3:36?) and he had no major influence on pop culture!

Now Im not the biggest Rule fan of all time or anything but WHAT?????? Where was everybody when he was changing the game? I mean he literally shaped hip hop from 2000 until right now, he made it o.k. to be next to a r & b chick in the video while laying the blueprint for a sure fire hit, Rule brought the whole singing rapper thing before Nelly and (ahem) 50 cent. Ja Rule almost single handedly brought melody to hip-hop…

Not to mention how he made it cool for international pop stars to jump in the ring with these rappers, he had J(ennifer) Lo(pez) saying the word nigga and rocking bandanas, this opened the door for Ricky Martin to do songs with Fat Joe, Brittney Spears to do songs with the Neptunes and now Jay-Z is fucking with Coldplay.

And you don’t think this was a direct inspiration from Rule?

Now close your eyes and think about r & b before 2000, who were the stars, what were they doing? You had niggas like Case, Genuine and Dru Hill, all dope in they own rights, crazy singers with the traditional love songs about girls and romance, straight to the essence of r & b and all that,thoro singing ass niggas who got it in. Now look at r & b after 2001 all the way until now…right,everybodys an r & b thug,R.Kelly,Ray J,Jaheim,Jagged Edge, Pretty Ricky wack asses,T-Pain and Akon…need I yell more names?I mean he wrote for Mary J,he made her go back
to her first shit,she was rocking the baggy leathers again and rapping with Busta Rhymes and all that!

And even if you didn’t like that particular Ja Rule era please don’t say this dude is wack and never could spit cause that’s crazy, that would mean your not up on your history, that would mean you never owned Vinni Vetti Vecci,

that would mean Rule 3:36 wasn’t a stellar cd, (the first to really blend hip hop and r & b seamlessly),the first of its kind to birth a 1000 spawns both in the rap and r & b worlds and on both sides of the gender line and if you reading thisblog I know your a little smarter than that. I said all of this to say that if your trying to be a rapper or singer these days you have as much Rule in your dna as you have Pac, Biggie, Mary J and Beyonce, I know that even when you was with your people saying,”Danm this nigga need to stop singing”, you was still turning it up and nodding your head to it when his songs came on.

Yeah,its true that 50 got this nigga (even though he whooped 50 ass in real life,something that even 50 dont deny,I mean he even admitted to
running to somebody elses studio session bleeding and shit
) but you cant take away from the legacy the man made, so even when everybody else
boo, I applaud Rule, he a ill dude when you think about it, it kind of makes you wish people would give him a chance. I mean who knows where Hov would be if Rule didn’t give him that song and hook, think about all of Jays hooks before this song, we all know this was Jays biggest selling cd and this was his first and biggest number one…think about it.

Now give this man back his legacy…that is all.


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